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When you browse blogs in Tumblr’s Spotlight, you will rarely see any wall of text reblog wars. Drama may flare up from time to time, but it’s not a weekly, or even monthly, occurrence.

Avoiding drama doesn’t mean ignoring anything unpleasant. But there’s a line between describing a less-than-positive experience, or drawing attention to an important issue, and bugging out because of snark, nastiness or trolling.

No, you didn’t. (source)

If someone’s harassing you, in violation of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines, you can take screenshots of the offending posts (using something like Paparazzi or Printscreen) and email with the information.

Dan Goodswen, of Go Cook Yourself, on getting featured in Tumblr’s spotlight. Some highlights:

  • Hopefully your content will be strong enough to start featuring in the curated channels. If you can build yourself into a top contributor or editor, then the Spotlight will be that much closer.”
  • To be featured in the spotlight, you need to identify the category your blog fits into, and then focus on that. Do it really well.”
  • Keep posting, creating, and making your blog as good as you can, because you want a great blog, not because you want to be featured in Spotlight.”

Take-home message: focus on creating strong content and do a bit of networking. Read the whole thing on Quora, here.