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(via thedsgnblog), the URL shortening service, has published a graph of the best times to post on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Some of their findings:

  • Bitly traffic from Tumblr peaks between 7pm and 10pm on Monday and Tuesday, with similar traffic on Sunday.
  • Links posted after 7 pm get more traffic over a 24-hour period than ones posted earlier.

What time zone?

The above plot is based on EST (Eastern Standard Time). It doesn’t take into account the activity in other time zones. 

According to Quantcast, almost 10% of Tumblr’s US visitors come from New York City. A further 12% come from Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, which are on Pacific Time. Tumblr also has a large Brazilian following, with many followers coming from Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro––both on Brasilia Time (BRT).

Social Network Clock

Retronator’s social network clock, based on Bitly’s data, will show you both what time it is, and how active each social network is. It shows the time in your own time zone, based on Bitly’s figures about activity in EST.

When you browse blogs in Tumblr’s Spotlight, you will rarely see any wall of text reblog wars. Drama may flare up from time to time, but it’s not a weekly, or even monthly, occurrence.

Avoiding drama doesn’t mean ignoring anything unpleasant. But there’s a line between describing a less-than-positive experience, or drawing attention to an important issue, and bugging out because of snark, nastiness or trolling.

No, you didn’t. (source)

If someone’s harassing you, in violation of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines, you can take screenshots of the offending posts (using something like Paparazzi or Printscreen) and email with the information.


Lady of the deep 

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Do you want to spend your free time staring at a screen, pressing buttons, all to become “popular” with strangers you’ll never meet?

Or do you want to spend time exploring, learning and writing about something that you love?

If you want to get more followers on Tumblr, find something that you’re passionate about, that you enjoy learning about, that’s important to you and fall in love with writing about it.

Okay, easier said than done. But if you find your topic boring, what are the odds that your audience does, too?

And if you love your blog, how much easier is it to make time to work on it?

Photo by Jef132.

Most content-creation articles focus on written content. Do the rules of good content creation apply to photoblogs?

Absolutely. Although the format is a little different, the principles remain the same. The 4 Cs of content are:

  • Clarity. Your writing should be like a polished lens, allowing your reader to see your topic more clearly.
  • Cut. As in cut to the chase.
  • Color. Add details and tell stories. Speak to your audience; don’t recite a list of dry facts.
  • Carats. How much is your content worth?

Here’s how these apply to a photoblog:

Photo by IdLoveThat.

Clarity. What is the focus of your blog? Can I take a 5-second look at your blog and “get it”? Or are you just posting random photos from your dashboard?

The Sartorialist began in 2005, when Scott Schuman began walking around New York City, taking pictures of stylishly-dressed people and posting them on his blog. The focus of his blog has remained consistent over the past seven years: photos of people with an interesting dress sense.

Schuman has a good eye for style, and for detail. His blog features people from around the world, from Montauk to Milan. The Sartorialist’s strength is showing great outfits, not just pretty young things or the latest fashion trends.

The Sartorialist’s blog is clear. A non-English speaker can scroll through one page and know what it’s about.

Cut. As in cut the fluff. Post your best pictures and forget the rest. Only reblog interesting, engaging, quality photos. A blurry instagram of your friends at the bar won’t win you many followers––except, of course, for your friends.

Color. Tell a story with your photos. Maybe post how it was taken. What the image reminds you of. What it means to you.

Carats. Why do people look at your photos? You may not know exactly why each visitor looks at your photos, but you should know that there is an audience for what you’re posting.

Post photos that will be valuable to someone besides yourself, either for their beauty, their subject matter, their uniqueness, or all of the above.

Today, Tumblr has almost as many users as Wordpress does. The platform has exploded in popularity over the past year and a half, going from 10 to 20 billion posts in six months.

With such a huge user base, Tumblr offers unlimited possibilities for writers, artists, marketers and bloggers. Are you ready to use Tumblr to find your audience?